Our Guesthouse, Bar and Restaurant

We have a beautiful guesthouse on the river 8km from Kampot, Cambodia. It has a very relaxed and chilled bar and restaurant. We have beautiful sunrises every morning, a rope swing to play on and the river great for swimming. Bokor National Park surrounds us and we have lots of wildlife. If you ever come to Kampot pop in for a drink or for our famous fish and chips. Accommodation is also available. We have lovely bungalows on the river and nice cheap clean rooms with shared bathroom. Boat, Jeep and motobike hire is also available. Bookings: utopiakampot@yahoo.com tel: 0977560164 and 012560164

Thursday, September 29, 2011

We have new phone numbers for you to contact us

Please call 0977560164 or 012560164 for info and booking


Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Flyer

Just made a new flyer, looks good I think....

The New Rope Swing

Another beautiful day in paradise, just fixed a new rope swing as the old one was 3 years old and snapped last week, now it's a lot higher and I can swing out 3-4 meters farther. Great fun!

Got the boys building a new sun bathing platform over the river with sun beds and far enough out for diving hopefully. Should look lovely when it's finished.

Think I'm gonna chill out and relax all day behind the bar. We have changed our number now for bookings to +855 (0)12407305 . Email still the same utopiakampot@yahoo.com or just blog me here.